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Hazard and Performance Analysis Specialist (GIS)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Support survivors of all hazard disasters, natual and man made.

If you or someone you know are looking for an opportunity to support disaster survivor on an on-call basis, consider FEMA’s Hazards and Performance Analysis Specialist. Employees in this role provide technical assistance in conducting Risk Assessments and evaluation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products (such as maps, tables, and other output).

Additional duties include

·  Assisting stakeholders in defining GIS product requests, preparing and explaining hazards risk analysis for loss avoidance studies, building codes and performance, and conducting benefits cost analysis (BCA).

·  Developing and delivering technical briefing data, information, and presentations to a variety of stakeholders and partners.

·  Producing, evaluating and analyzing maps and other GIS products based on vulnerability and hazard/risk assessments.

·  Producing technical reports based on hazard/risk assessments.

This position is being announced under FEMA’s Reservist Program. This is a 2- year appointment which will allow employees to gain valuable Emergency Management experience, travel, train and support survivors in need.

For information on FEMA’s Reservist Program visit .

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