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Eos, LaserTech and Esri Introduce Laser Mapping Workflow for Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS

The Three-Way Partnership will enable Field Crews to Collect Centimeter-Accurate 3D Data in GNSS-Impaired Environments MONTREAL, CANADA — Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.® (Eos) — the world’s leading manufacturer of affordable high-accuracy GNSS receivers for any device or app — announced today its release […]

Ebola Outbreak Data Call Request and Discoverability

The WWHGD Working Group is monitoring the early stages of another Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As of last week, outbreak response teams have identified 17 confirmed cases plus 33 deaths that seem to be related […]

Free Healthcare Data for Use with Maptitude 2018 Mapping Software

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS (USA) – Caliper is excited to announce the release of free updated healthcare map layers. We are providing over 5 million medical and healthcare provider points-of-interest. These locations can be analyzed with the tools and data already included with […]

Vad säger analysen och hur du skapar automatiska rapporter – Webbinar

Vi presenterar verktyget för hur man får tydliga rapporter om drift, underhåll och användning av geodatatjänster. Webbinariet handlar om resultatrapporter från analys av användning av geodatatjänster i Spatineo Monitor. Det är viktigt att gjorda investeringar i geodata betalar sig genom […]

Maxoptra and Geotab Integration Boosts Routing and Scheduling Precision

Maxoptra routing and scheduling software is now available to Geotab customers via the Geotab Marketplace. This newly integrated solution leverages vehicle data collected via Geotab’s telematics device, the Geotab GO, to provide fleet managers with intelligence on journey routes and […]

Bluesky Captures Ultra High Resolution Aerial Images of Dublin

Aerial mapping company Bluesky Ireland has captured the first ever 12.5 centimetre resolution aerial photography coverage of the whole of the Greater Dublin area. Covering a total of 1,850 square kilometres the imagery is so detailed road markings, street furniture […]

How to get free satellite imagery from Sentinel-2

If you want to download Sentinel-2 satellite data, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Satellite Images API was created exactly for this purpose. In API call by specifying the dates of the satellite images , the coordinates of […]


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