ThinkGeo in the Spanish market

Geographical Information Systems were put in place in Spain in the mid-80s that was primarily implemented by public government (at different scales) and also universities. Since then, almost the full GIS software intended for collection, data processing and mapping has been dominated by ESRI España. There is not any doubt that Esri key strategy focused on the implementation of its GIS software in both universities and public administration in order to create a large number of users that must to use this software after these educational training processes.

Many other GIS software has been developed and implemented from current century. Some of them totally Free that has been adopted by several companies. However, ESRI has maintained leadership in the field of GIS, due to the technological improvements that have been done in the GIS field.

However, the North-American ThinkGeo Company, which is specialized in producing high quality GIS tools, like “Map Suite GIS Editor”; recently has signed an exclusive accord with the Sigtea consulting in order to present and promote its GIS tools in Spain. SIGTEA is a company specializes in Geographic Information Systems, Environment and Territory t that also offers GIS course training, advice, expert assistance and training related to these areas.

The target is developing a standardized procedure in order to get a great amount of ThinkGeo software users. To achieve these objectives, Sigtea has developed a promotional program for universities, public and private companies, as well as training classes online. At one time taken the advantages of tools ThinkGeo against competitors, among which it can highlight the lower licenses price and a high quality tools; the second goal is to be intermediates in the offering of licenses and hold out the technical help for clients to achieve their projects successfully.


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