Brive City Uses SuperSurv to Update Topographic Maps

With the effort of Géo.RM, Supergeo’s reseller in France, the city government of Ville de Brive has selected SuperSurv to assist its surveyors to build and correct the information of topographic maps.

Located in southwestern France, Brive-la-Gaillarde, also called Ville de Brive, is the biggest city in the Corrèze Department with around 100,000 citizens living in its urban area. Surrounded by hills and the river Corrèze, the terrain around Brive is complex and should be well mapped for a more thorough urban development.

Integrating both advanced GIS and GPS functions, SuperSurv is the award-winning mobile GIS software developed by Supergeo for years. When updating and creating features on topographic maps, SuperSurv is especially useful because it supports high-accuracy GPS positioning, OpenStreetMap, and OGC standards. In SuperSurv 10, users can activate NTRIP service and collect spatial down to sub-meter level, avoiding editing data incorrectly. On the other hand, the support for OpenStreetMap and OGC standards provide users methods to access rich spatial information on the internet. By using online map services as the basemap, users can quickly recognize specific landscapes and use them as the reference when editing topographic features nearby. Furthermore, SuperSurv is also able to capture altitude data so that field surveyors can easily record detailed information of appointed landscapes, helping users update the latest topographic data more effortlessly.

Lastly, Supergeo will host a new webinar on Aug. 16, 2017, which the topic is focused on 3D cadastral management. Please visit Supergeo’s website to register and learn more Supergeo’s latest development in 3D GIS.


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