Upcoming SuperGIS Webinar- Web-based 3D Cadastral Mapping

The latest SuperGIS Webinar is coming on Wednesday, Aug. 16. With a rather long preparation for product development and building a full-featured web GIS, the topic this time will be the introduction to SuperGIS 3D Earth Server and its applications. In the last half year, the performance of SuperGIS 3D Earth Server has been significantly improved, and another successful application, focusing on cadastral mapping and management, has also been built. The created web GIS enables administrators to query any specific cadastre and also check the height, the land use type, the appearance of the building.

In the last few years, one of the most important trends in the geospatial industry is displaying and analyzing spatial data in the 3D environment. That is because when compared with the traditional 2D environment, 3D visualization can help users get the complete picture of the study area. Furthermore, by using 3D GIS technology, patterns or landscapes that are vertically distributed could be better analyzed such as underground utilities, cadastres inside an apartment, or even the construction on slope areas. With the perspective brought by 3D GIS, all detailed information can be viewed and help users make smart decisions. At this webinar, powerful features in SuperGIS 3D Earth Server will be introduced, which are based on the latest web technologies such as HTML 5 and WebGL. By using SuperGIS 3D Earth Server and its APIs, users can easily share their data through various map services and create a 3D web GIS via built-in APIs. The greatest advantage of this framework is that people don’t have to install additional plug-ins to view the result, reducing the limitations on browsers and also the risk of being attacked. Just open any browsers, users can effortlessly view their maps in 3D anytime anywhere.

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