Free Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Data for Use with Maptitude Mapping Software

NEWTON, MA (USA) – Caliper is excited to announce the  release of free PLSS and TXSS map layers. The Land Ordinance of 1785  established the Public Land Survey System, also known as the  Township and Range system. Today the Bureau of Land Management  maintains the Survey as a way to accurately categorize large areas  of the Continental US. Area layers for the PLSS and for the Texas  Survey System (TXSS) are now downloadable for free for Maptitude  2017 users.

The PLSS  and TXSS are used:

  • for administering lease programs by  state oil and gas commissions
  • for right of access management  programs
  • for local government parcel mapping
  • for researching the ownership of  Mineral Rights under a person’s  property
  • for locating oil or gas wells by  petroleum geologists

The downloaded layers  can be added to any Maptitude 2017 map.  The PLSS divides large areas of the USA  into townships and sections (First Divisions and  Second Divisions). The Texas Land Survey  Layer splits the state into tracts,  sections, and labors.

About Caliper

Caliper Corporation develops  state-of-the-art Geographic  Information Systems (GIS) software. With a focus on  usability, Maptitude is  designed to be a cost-effective, professional healthcare mapping software product.  Maptitude enables organizations to leverage their location-based  data to improve decision making and planning, while minimizing  expenditure through competitively priced solutions.

Caliper is a privately held corporation and is a leading developer  of mapping, redistricting, transportation, and GIS software.

“Maptitude has been an important  tool for showing the geography  of a variety of facilities and  parameters, from rig trends by  state, to patent trends by metro  area, to the location of  important infrastructure  installations. Being able to  illustrate and map these  elements with Maptitude was  essential for the analysis and,  in addition, the software is  backed up with outstanding  support if needed.”

Charlotte Batson
Petroleum Engineer / Shale Oil & Gas Consultant



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