Last SuperSurv 10.0 Update Released, Next: SuperSurv 10.1

SuperSurv 10 has been released for seven months since its first version in March 2017. In earlier updates, users might find it is not smooth enough to perform particular functions or insufficient to conduct some tasks. However, after many times of refinement, various new features have been added to SuperSurv 10, which gradually enhances the overall user experience. The performance, of course, has been significantly improved and well received by worldwide users. To further meet the needs of different users, more new formats and technologies will be included in new version SuperSurv 10.1, which is scheduled to be launched by the end of November.

Therefore, the version released at the beginning of this month is the last update of SuperSurv 10.0. In addition to the continuous enhancements in performance and user experience, this update supports all kinds of coordinate systems to satisfy the requirements from the worldwide users. In terms of the GNSS positioning, SuperSurv 10.0 has added a new menu for users to adjust the precision acquired by different calculation methods. Users can directly use the native GNSS precision provided by the system or switch to the result calculated by Supergeo’s GNSS technology.

However, this update not only includes the new features mentioned above but also upgrades features like the mechanism and the management page of streaming files to Google Drive. Most of these ideas came from valuable feedback from the users of SuperSurv. Supergeo has spared no efforts to receive new knowledge and information, hoping to make SuperSurv reach perfection so that field workers from different domains can complete their tasks with ease. By the end of this November, Supergeo will unveil SuperSurv 10.1, which is more powerful than SuperSurv 10.0. It not only allows users to edit and delete the fields of attribute table but also enables users to pack several layers as Layerset for future use directly.

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