Sputnik 1.3 – 3D GIS solution by Geoscan

Group of companies “Geoscan” is a developer and manufacturer of professional aerial imaging systems, Agisoft Photoscan photogrammetric software and Sputnik GIS— spatial data visualization and analysis software.
Sputnik is simple and high performance system that unites common 2D GIS features with support of 3D spatial data. View extremely high-detailed 3D models with no limit on data size in the TLS (Agisoft Tiled Model) data format. Open and analyse GeoTIFF and Sputnik KMZ orthomosaics and digital elevation models. Measure length, heights, fill and cut volumes, generate cross sections, slope maps and TIN models. Support of OGC standards allows linking Sputnik GIS up with the external GIS servers.
Check out the list of new features included in Sputnik 1.3:
1. TLS rendering – the speed of rendering along with detail level increased, high FPS is maintained. The chance of coarse objects (LOD) appearing during model rotation is reduced.
2. Close to wall navigation is improved – we added first person camera mode and keys combination to move along vertical axis of object
3. Export part of TLS model – we added tool to export interested part of TLS model to OBJ, 3DS and DAE. For DAE and 3DS formats, backward compatibility with Sputnik is implemented
4. WMTS support – along with support of WMS services, Sputnik 1.3 supports WMTS services. Thanks to this innovation, you can use the maps you created on the Mapbox service. Also you can use GetFeatureInfo function.
5. OC3 and LAS support – now it is available to view OC3 (Photoscan point cloud format) and LAS ( Lidar)
6. Color palettes – from new version it is available to style raster maps in *.geotiff format
7. Photo selection – new feature of photo selection for specified point makes Sputnik a great tool for analyzing condition survey results.
Try out the new features of Sputnik 1.3 available for download here https://www.geoscan.aero/en/sputnik/
Read more on Geoscan blog https://www.geoscan.aero/en/blog/



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