Mango releases in-depth web mapping resource to aid local government

Bristol, England, 10th January 2018 — Mango, the leading online GIS for web map publication today announced the release of an in-depth collection of learning resources on the subject of web mapping for local government.
According to Mango CEO Chris Brown, “I’ve seen too many local government web maps that haven’t been updated in years. Not because they are perfect, or users aren’t asking for improvements, but mainly because they were created back when web mapping was expensive, time consuming and to be honest, quite stressful. Everyone is scared to touch it, which is understandable.”“A lot has changed in the last few years,” Chris continues. “Now making web maps with an online GIS is simple, fast to roll out and at a surprisingly low cost. We want to bring GIS managers up to speed on what’s possible in 2017. Our free resources provide simple actionable steps that GIS managers can follow and start making improvements today.”

The content released by Mango covers a range of subjects:

  • Why support for mobile devices is so important
  • Search engine optimizations that can double traffic
  • Making the perfect land records map
  • Why counties are making the move to the cloud
  • Common design mistakes to avoid

The content is completely free, and can be accessed from the Mango website: Online GIS Resources for Local Government

About Mango

Mango is the simplest way to create useful web maps. Making web maps used to be complicated, time consuming and expensive. Not anymore.

Professionals with data and a story to tell use Mango to easily create and share engaging web maps. No coding, no servers, no complications. Just awesome web maps that are a pleasure to use.

Our clients both large and small have used Mango to produce over 50,000 maps since Mango was founded in 2013. Our team of experts have a passion for simplicity. We work tirelessly to ensure that Mango is simple for you, simple for your users and simple for your bottom line.

For more information, contact:

Chris Brown
+44 117 230 1999

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