Solving city management problems with UAV data and Sputnik software

Solving urban problems requires timely information about every aspect of the city functioning. Today using UAV’s is a great way for local governments to get precise data as 3D models, orthophotos and digital elevation models. However, collecting data is just a first step of decision making process, what is important is to have a set of special tools to work with this data and take all it advantages for urban design, land use and emergency management.

In “Geoscan” we work in close collaboration with local governments on creating efficient tools for urban development. The base solution we work on is Sputnik GIS and its web version – Sputnik Web. The core feature of Sputnik products family is ability to view 3D tiled models of city with no limits on data size. For example, we have created model of Tomsk city featuring total area of 320 square kilometers, and specialist from Tomsk urban department use it in daily tasks.

The great thing about using digital copy of city is an ability to embed design solutions to existing landscape and analyze all advantages and disadvantages of it. This approach helps to make project presentation process faster and cheaper and speed up decision-making process.

Along with 3D model embedding tool in Sputnik, there is an export tool. Once you have a model of whole city you can export single building or whole district to *.dae, *.3ds or *.obj format to share it with colleges, customers or for further usage in third party 3D software.

Sputnik GIS allows specialist to create city-design, zoning and other projects and share it with locals via web based local government 3D GIS portal based on Sputnik Web(use Google translate to translate web site from Russian), so people can evaluate solutions, leave comments, ask questions  and participate in the future of city.


The number of built-in functionalities allows using Sputnik for solving wide range of problems without need of using other software solutions. For example, there are set of measurements of tools like area calculation, volume calculation, change detection, section generation, slope map calculation and more. Along with design and planning tasks local governments use this set of tools to monitor and inspect municipal construction sites, infrastructure and for waste management.

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