How to get free satellite imagery from Sentinel-2

If you want to download Sentinel-2 satellite data, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Satellite Images API was created exactly for this purpose.

In API call by specifying the dates of the satellite images , the coordinates of the area (polygons), the source (Sentinel-2 or Landsat-8) and even the percentage of the clouds, you will receive in the response links to the available ready-to-use satellite images – true, false colore, ndvi and evi. Also these satellite images are available in tile and geotiff format.

All account users have open access to these satellite images. For non-paying users, the range for satellite data requests is 6 days.  For the paid service, it is one year. Learn more.

We provide historical data and near-actual satellite images with allowing for the data source and cloud cover percentage.

Please note that there are limitations on the total area for which data can be requested as well as the number of requests that can be made per minute. However, if you exceed the allowed value, we will continue to provide you with the necessary data, your work will not be affected and your customers do not run and hide!*

All of the details and the full set of the Agro API capabilities can be viewed here.

*At the end of your billing month, we will provide you with a separate bill for any additional area, beyond the tariff limits, for which you requested data.



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