Asset Prediction Technology at the Hoffman Estates Park District

Consulting firm Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) based in Goldsboro, North Carolina partnered with the Village of Hoffman Estates Park District (HEPD) in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in early 2016 to develop, configure, and deploy a comprehensive Geographic Information Systems solution for asset management, recreation user analysis, and intelligent planning. The effort involved the consulting firm’s GreenCityGIS solution and a special geodatabase that was designed to meet the needs of HEPD as well as an Asset Predictor software that provides information on assets such as athletic equipment, bicycle racks, exterior lights, fitness equipment. This tool allows supervisors at HEPD to evaluate, plan, and budget for asset repair and replacement.

The vision for HEPD was to have a predictive method for analyzing the varying life cycles of park assets and infrastructure. To meet this goal, GTG and HEPD collaborated to design and build a geodatabase capable of housing the necessary feature classes (e.g. benches, HVAC units, lights, courts, etc.) and associated attribution (e.g. install date, life cycle, unit cost, budget factor, operational value, etc.). Upon completion of the geodatabase design process, a comprehensive on-site park inventory was performed by staff using Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS application. With the geodatabase structure and the asset data updated, the next stage involved introducing the software and workflow of the Asset Predictor to employees. The Asset Predictor is now enabling supervisors at HEPD to do long-term and sophisticated planning and budgeting analysis with just a few clicks. A multitude of input criteria are available such as install date, location, operational value, and condition, allowing users to refine detailed and focused reports. Since the Asset Predictor is integrated with the geodatabase and Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS application, data is updated quickly providing managers with new assets to review and analyze. Whether users are interested in benches that are scheduled to be replaced next year, or in the budget necessary to cover repairs and replacements twenty years in the future, GreenCityGIS and the Asset Predictor can provide the answer.

About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc:

GTG is technology consulting company that specializes in the planning, procurement and implementation of enterprise GIS solutions for local governments. The company has been in business for over 20 years and provided strategic planning services for over 500 city and county governments. Additionally, Geographic Technologies Group develops GIS software packages tailored specifically for utilities departments, police departments, and more. GTG’s SmartCities initiative includes, and



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