Pigeon – Indoor Positioning and Navigation App for shopping malls

Shopping Malls to Incorporate Indoor Positioning System for Efficient Management

Shopping malls have been rapidly emerging across urban spaces despite a growing number of people who opt for online modes of shopping. To ensure visits to malls remains high, managements are now integrating their operations with indoor positioning technology to manage their space efficiently.

What this upgrade could mean for visitors is that they get the entire mall in one application on their smart phones. Be it finding their store of interest from the parking lot, locating a restaurant, identifying kids’ play area or other recreational zones, or as simple as finding the nearest rest room!

US based software development firm Srisys Inc has developed Pigeon, a unique application which helps large facilities with indoor navigation and asset tracking. Built into one smart application for use on smart phones, Pigeon is based on Geolocation technology which works indoors to support positioning and wayfinding.

For shopping mall managements Pigeon means an excellent opportunity for revenue generation as the app can integrate push notifications and marketing features as well. With core features such as point to point navigation, real-time wayfinding and location of assets, visitors to the mall can traverse the mall with ease.

Launched in 2017, the app has been customized for efficient shopping mall management to create a win-win for customers, the retail outlets, as well as the mall management.

“While there are many challenges associated with visitor experience management in shopping malls, technology can resolve most of these as the dependency on mall staff to address multiple issues at the same time reduces. This means that shoppers can have all the information they need on the palm of their hand.” said the CEO of Srisys.


Explore http://pigeon.srisys.com/shopping-malls/

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