Aquariums to Employ Indoor Navigation and Way Finding Technology to Improve Visitor Experience

Aquariums exhibit aquatic species which leave visitors in awe and amazement. However, recent studies reveal that visitor experience in aquariums is on a downward spiral due to various issues.  To ensure visitor experience stays paramount, managements of aquariums are now turning to indoor navigation and wayfinding technologies for superior facility management.

Across the world, aquariums provide an amazing experience for the visitors but however, the technological progress has to be adapted to attract the next generation visitors. The Pigeon indoor positioning and navigation app can help visitors in aquariums with point to point way finding and a bunch of other benefits.

Pigeon is developed to serve the visitors in large venues like aquariums while at the venue. Most common challenges like indoor positioning and navigation, location tracking, identifying places of interest within the venue and much more can be effortlessly met within no time.

Srisys Inc, a US based software firm developed this app keeping in mind the problems and challenges visitors face in large facilities like aquariums, resorts, airports, convention centers and etc. The CEO of Srisys Inc, Mr. Sajja says that “not many apps have been developed to serve visitors in large facilities. But our development teams have constructed this app to serve the visitors for better experience and efficient management of facilities that are huge and witness enormous footfall.”

Additional features like instant feedback will allow the management of the venue to have a substantial record of their visitors within the venue. Features like emergency management, instant updates and notifications, and optimal space for advertising among others. All these features make Pigeon a unique and superior app among the rest.

The Pigeon app has been upgraded constantly to suit the management of large facilities like aquariums. Users of this app will also receive vital safety alerts and information regarding their safety while in the venue and to monitor their plan of action in case of any unforeseen occurrence as well.



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