Pigeon – Public Parks Use Indoor Positioning Systems for Engaging Visitors

Public parks in urban spaces have been facing new challenges due rise in population, users unable to plan their route or find their way within the park, safety issues, and event management among others. With the advent of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS), the management of public parks can deal with such challenges effortlessly.

Spread over large tracts of lands, public parks offer playgrounds, gardens, hiking, running and fitness paths, sports fields and public restrooms, etc. for the visitors. To ensure users are able to access these facilities with ease, Pigeon’s indoor positioning and navigation app can support the managements of public parks in enhancing and enriching both the management and the visitor experiences within the venue.

Visitors in public parks have been looking for a technology that can help them combat common problems like navigation and way finding. Using Pigeon app, visitors can guide themselves by navigating to pints of interest within the park. The indoor navigation framework is based on Geo-location technology which has been emerging as a global phenomenon in the technology world. It has been observed that people of various age groups are using smart phone applications for wayfinding through large facilities.

Pigeon is an ideal application for the visitors in venues like public parks. US based software development company Srisys Inc developed this app to reach out to the managements and the visitors of large facilities to combat issues relating to locating and asset tracking within a large facility.

The CEO of Srisys says that “Public parks are vast spaces which are in need of technology to assist them in efficient management. Our app Pigeon has all the necessary features to give the management and users of the park a hassle-free time while at the facility. Additional features like emergency management, pre-planned routing, event notification, people finder, marketing integration, etc will be a bonus to visitors.”

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