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Apertio Unlocks the Value of Open Government Data with the First Deep Search Engine of Its Kind – Metadata Enrichment technology overcomes the limitations of Google Dataset Search, taking Open Dataset discovery to the next level

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 2, 2018 – Apertio Technologies announced today the launch of the first Open Data deep search engine. Using advanced Metadata Enrichment technology, the new engine addresses the challenges that many data professionals face when trying to find and utilize public Open Data online. The problems include the distributed nature of the information itself, as well as the lack of proper classification, leading to poor, irrelevant and frustrating search results from traditional search engines.

“AI analytics technologies have come a long way, but eventually you’re only as good as your data. Open Data, the data published by government authorities at all levels for public use, represents a market opportunity of billions of dollars in strategic planning, cost efficiencies and productivity – if the data can be properly discovered and utilized. Google‘s recent launch of its Dataset Search is a step forward but it‘s very limited – it relies on the publishers‘ classification and does not read the files themselves, merely utilizing their descriptions. Consequently, many of the relevant and valuable datasets cannot be found, “ commented Assaf Katan, CEO of Apertio.

Apertio, a recently established start-up based in Israel, launched the first version of its product aimed at solving the challenges of using Open Data for the entire data organization, from analysts and data scientists to analytics officers. It starts with US data sources and is soon to expand to include global search results. This is the first step in Apertio’s vision of providing integrated data and insight solutions from the vast universe of Open Datasets.

Created with professional data users in mind, this new Deep Search engine provides a single point of access and discovery to all Open Data, using enriched metadata to power higher relevance of search results. Data users will now be able to search and discover Open Datasets by parameters that are currently unavailable elsewhere, such as company names, locations or professional terms found within the datasets.

About Apertio Technologies

Apertio Technologies, a market leader in Open Data discovery, has developed the industry’s first global database and Deep Search Engine for Open Government Data, by far the most comprehensive of its kind, opening a portal to data, information and insight that have so far been out of reach. Apertio is proud to be backed by Canaan Partners Israel, a leading Israeli-American venture capital fund. Try it out at




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