Twin Benefits of Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation With Pigeon App

Offering benefits via Smartphone apps which can optimize visitor experience fivefold is the biggest challenge large facility managements face today. Pigeon app which primarily offers indoor positioning and indoor navigation to visitors at large venues can be the ideal solution for this commonly faced challenge.

Go through these twin benefits that prove how Pigeon app is unique and effective from the rest.

  1. Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation
  2. Real-time Wayfinding

Apart from these twin benefits, Pigeon app will positively add to the overall experience of the visitor and management in various ways such as

  • Improving visitor experience through navigation and wayfinding options
  • Analyzing user data and making decisions accordingly
  • Sending notifications on deals and offers
  • Notifying visitors with safety tips and alerts
  • Gaining real-time feedback to improve operational efficiency

Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation – Pigeon indoor positioning and indoor navigation app can be implemented in large facilities such as shopping malls, museums, hospitals, convention centers, etc., to primarily identify the position and navigate the visitors as well to points of interest. However, not just for positioning and navigation the app can also can be used to meet several other challenges which visitors face within the large venue; challenges such as booking an event, emergency management, location bookmarking and much more.

Real-time Wayfinding – Finding an intended location in real-time happens to be the toughest task for the visitors at large venues but with Pigeon app wayfinding can happen within very little time. Several other tasks can be accomplshed with real-time wayfinding such as

  • Recurring Visits
  • Visitor Engagement During Visit
  • Proactive Feedback
  • Concentrated Touring
  • Euphoric Finish

A combination of all these features helps large facility managements ensure visitors are able to receive instant notifications, location based alerts, safety tips and pointers, etc. An app like Pigeon also gives you sufficient data to make subsequent visits of guests better.


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