Introducing the Holistic Positioning and Navigation Platform for Large Facility Management

The Pigeon positioning and navigation platform is a holistic platform for optimal large facility management. Large venues such as shopping malls, resorts, theme parks, zoos, office spaces, healthcare centers and educational facilities to transportation spaces such as airports & railway stations can use Pigeon to enhance visitor experience.

Pigeon’s Core Features

  1. Positioning and Navigation
  2. Indoor Wayfinding with Location Bookmarking
  3. Hoteling & Reservation
  4. Multi-floor transition
  5. User Analytics
  6. Location-based notifications
  7. Collaboration through messaging and calling
  8. Emergency Management

In addition to these features Pigeon supports various initiatives of the facility by aiding in:

  1. Precise navigation to locate points of reservations
  2. Asset & location tracking
  3. Relaying instant notifications to users of the facility
  4. Events scheduling, registration and execution
  5. Revenue generation through marketing gamification
  6. Sending safety alerts and secure pathway routes during natural or man-made emergencies
  7. User analytics for making strategic business decisions

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 How does Pigeon work? – Case study of a museum

In the case of large museum which hosts an average of 250-300 people on a daily basis who come to witness the various artifacts and objects of historical nature, it becomes cumbersome to give directions to people while introducing to others about the significance of each exhibit.

In this situation, neither the visitors nor the curatorial team satisfied with the outcome. When this situation is resolved using Pigeon, visitors end up having a productive time at the museum as they can manage their route, get relevant info on the exhibits, and participate in any of the planned events.

In addition to this, the museum management gets sufficient visitor data, which in turn helps in identifying problem areas of the venue and arriving at a solution to ensure all exhibits are experienced by the visitors. In most cases, the absence of relevant technology results in visitors viewing only some of the exhibits as time is not managed efficiently.

With Pigeon, visitors can bookmark their route, ensuring they spend quality time at each exhibit. Pigeon is a unique positioning & navigation application platform accessible on Smartphones, kiosks, TVs as well as on the web. With a simple, easy & intuitive user interface, Pigeon has wide applicability across multiple industries.

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