Wayfinding in Theme Parks Made Simple and Easy With Pigeon Positioning and Navigation Solution

Time spent by revelers at theme parks can be made highly engaging by opting for the right technological platform. The features of Pigeon positioning and navigation platform offer integration with existing management software, interoperability on different web platforms such as laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.

Based on Geolocation technology, Pigeon can help with efficient space management while ensuring visitors experience a relaxing and rejuvenating time while at the facility.

The Pigeon app is built for the resort business as its unique features help resort managers monetize further through proximity marketing with the use of push notifications.

Do theme parks really ensure optimal visitor engagement while at the facility?

In most cases, visitors may not share their feedback with the management when they have a lukewarm experience of what the facility offers. And feedback is highly essential for the business to improve in service delivery as it directly impacts the bottom line. Happy customers mean happy business.

With Pigeon, instant feedback can be obtained by analyzing the heat maps and ascertaining the most visited spots within the facility. This data helps in strategic business decisions to improve visits to all sections of the resorts.

Apart from basic amenities and friendly staff, visitors also need facility information at their fingertips.

This is where Pigeon comes into play by allowing visitors to access the facility on a real-time basis and plan their day accordingly. By equipping your theme park with Pigeon, facility management is easier than ever – allowing your visitors to thoroughly engage with the facilities at the venue.

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 Pigeon Positioning and Navigation Solution

Choosing the right technology is imperative because once the visitors create a bad impression about your venue then nothing can easily erase it other than the technology itself.

Pigeon positioning and navigation solution which uses beacons with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can help guests navigate from one point of interest to another without getting lost or having to be dependent on someone for directions which makes it a place of complete awareness.

An All-In-One Platform- Pigeon

A smartphone app like Pigeon can work wonders for theme park managers as it can serve as a real-time communication interface between them, their staff and their guests. Information about the latest facilities, events and special offers among others can be sent as push notifications to guests, encouraging them to explore the facility further.

Additionally, management should adopt a technology like Pigeon which can help them with the following features

  • Event Booking
  • Indoor Wayfinding and Navigation
  • Location Bookmarking
  • Marketing Integration
  • Safety Alerts and Notifications

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