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Construction Intern | Madison, WI

Website American Family Insurance

Become one of the next generation of building science professionals integrating geospatial data with the construction industry!  We are looking for a paid intern to work on projects this summer that include performing onsite investigations to help determine the causes of failure or damage to various components of a building, but is primarily focused on the building envelope, parking ramps and asphalt lots and roadways.

Candidates will work on a pilot program that includes the following:

Simultaneous consideration of the impacts design decisions have on assembly durability, safety, cost, aesthetics, and building resilience.
Life-cycle cost analysis as it relates to payback, net-present value calculation and annualized cash flow.
Understanding the techniques used to minimize disruption to buildings and infrastructure systems due to natural or man-made disasters.
Integrated design and construct of the building through coordinated trades and disciplines.

Responsibilities include:

Collect, validate and analyze  geospatial data related to inspections of building envelope and parking structures current and future states.

Determine data collection tools, administer these tools,  create, manage and examine GIS datasets, qualify data, assist in determining structure status and potential next steps to design, management and maintenance for safe and efficient restoration/preservation of our state of the art buildings and infrastructure.

Prior course work or experience in GIS/Lidar or other technologies as they relate to the building envelope are preferred to succeed in this role.

Send your resume to:—Summer-2019_R10389, or look up the posting at

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