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Geospatial Services Manager | Columbia, MO

Website City of Columbia

$30.236/hr (minimum); $38.551/hr (midpoint); $46.866/hr (maximum)
The City of Columbia, MO is currently hiring for the Geospatial Services Manager role in the Information Technology Department. This position is responsible for developing and implementing the vision for how geospatial technologies can continue to transform city business practices and operations. The position will require middle management skills to lead the GIS Office staff and the ability to manage geospatial services for all City business units. Desirable candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in Geography, GIS, Planning, IT, Engineering or a closely related field. A Master’s degree in one of the fields just mentioned is preferred. Successful candidates must possess a minimum of ten years field work plus management experience. The candidate must also possess and maintain a valid driver’s license. The City of Columbia, MO offers a defined pension program after 5 years, a 401(a) employer match with optional 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. For a complete job description and application, go to by December 1, 2017.

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