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GIS Analyst | Monmouth County, NJ

Website Monmouth County Sheriff's Office

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

GIS Analyst

Salary: $55,000-60,000 per year

Benefits: PERS pension, health insurance, dental plan, 457 plan, conference support

Job Functions:

• Maintaining a county wide data set for the purpose of dispatch.

• Creating and publishing various geocoding locators and map configurations on a weekly basis.

• Working with and troubleshooting in Spillman CAD system.

• Administering for ARCGIS server, ARCGIS Online, and ARCGIS license manager.

• Creating professional level map products for various departments.

• Answering helpdesk tickets relating to GIS.

• Administering for various ICS (incident command systems.)

Essential Job Skills:

• Must be familiar with the geocoding toolset and locators for ARC 10.6.1.

• Must be familiar with publishing layers and map services.

• Must be familiar/have experience with ARCGIS Server 10.6.1 configuration.

• Must be familiar with Model Builder

• Must have advanced GIS editing skills and cartographic design skills

• Must have excellent communication skills in person, through email, and over phone.

• Must have experience with creating map products for various needs and departments.

• Must be familiar with maintaining databases and layers (Especially address point and road center lines.)

• Must be familiar with coordinate system transformations

• Must be familiar with ARCSDE, AGO, and/or Portal for ARCGIS

Preferred Skills:

• 1- 3 years experience in the GIS field.

• Proficiency with Python scripting

• Familiarity with ARCGIS collector

• Background with a police CAD system

• A familiarity adobe suite of editing and publishing software

• A familiarity with NENA next gen 911 standards

• GISP certification

*If interested in the position please send a resume to Andrew Calvo at

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