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GIS Data Processor | Fitchburg, WI

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Looking to start a career in technology? Would you like to work for an industry leader in specialized highway data collection and the integration of 3D pavement technology, LiDAR, and geospatial data collection equipment?

Roadview, Inc. is hiring qualified individuals for our entry-level data processing position. Data Processors are responsible for using proprietary software to extract, import, analyze, and perform quality assurance on LiDAR data in a 3D environment. Individuals will perform these tasks using processes and methodologies developed by the company and deliver data within acceptable quality standards in a timely manner.

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Preferred Qualifications:
Advanced computer skills on PC and/or Mac (Mac experience a plus)
Working proficiency and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite
Internet software such as web browsers, Google Maps, and instant message and email
Degree or certification in GIS/Geography preferred
Bachelors degree from accredited University (STEM or Science based preferred) for full time position
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