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Polygon Geospatial Data Editor | Canada

  • Freelance
  • Canada

Toronto-based software startup

We are a startup company with an extensive database of geospatial data. We’re looking for several part-time work-from-home freelancers to help us create and edit a large amount of polygon data.

Our internal mapping tools are similar to Google’s My Maps. You’ll be replicating polygons from source maps so that we can use them in our system, and comparing existing data against the source maps to see if there are any changes required. The polygons range from simple shapes to relatively complex polygons the size of cities, and the source maps are usually PDFs.

You need to:

  • Have excellent attention to detail, since the maps need to be very precise.
  • Have great spatial/pattern awareness and be generally comfortable with maps. The source maps are sometimes poorly labelled and not to scale, so you’ll need to be able to recognize patterns in the features that are included in order to replicate the polygons correctly.
  • Be able to focus on repetitive work, as you’ll be creating/editing many polygons and will need to maintain an efficient pace without losing accuracy.
  • Have a good quality computer system with either multiple monitors or a large monitor (not a laptop screen) which allows you to easily view two windows next to each other.

This job only involves drawing and editing in our online user-facing tools, so more advanced GIS skills are not required. If you do have other GIS experience though, please tell us about it!

This is a part-time freelance job at $30/hour. We expect the project to last at least a few months, possibly turning into ongoing work. Each freelancer will have a set number of hours to complete each week, but you can do the work anytime you’d like as long as you hit that number.

Please provide your desired weekly hours in your cover letter, and send it and your resume to Christina at

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