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ICAROS Uses TatukGIS SDK to Develop Integrated Aerial Geospatial Data Viewer

Aerial geospatial solutions provider, Icaros, Inc., selected the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) to develop the next generation geospatial data viewer component of its OneButton™ software product, which is used to process raw aerial images collected from manned and unmanned aircraft […]

Mettenmeier Integrates TatukGIS into MGC View Offline App for Utility Networks

Mettenmeier GmbH – founded in 1978 – is an information technology service and consulting company headquartered in Paderborn, Germany. Mettenmeier’s specialty is its know-how in the gas, water, and electricity industries, offering a range of highly economical IT solutions and […]

German Computer Aided Marine Contingency Planning System Developed with TatukGIS SDK

The German coastal areas of the Baltic and North Seas belong to the most highly-frequented shipping routes worldwide. Implicit with high density shipping traffic is the risk of accidents that can result in release of pollutants into coastal waters. To […]

Road Management System in Poland’s Malopolska Province

Poland’s Malopolska Province uses a road infrastructure management IT solution provided by TatukGIS customer SHH. The solution includes dedicated GIS tools that enable analysis, sharing, and reporting of information concerning roads and incidents. For this implementation, the Malopolska Province Road […]

Michigan School District Administrative Planning App Developed with TatukGIS SDK

Wayne County (Michigan) Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) has developed the Polyplot© Mapping System, a client server application for school district administrative planning implemented in over 100 school districts throughout Michigan and Ohio. Polyplot is a unique, powerful tool designed […]