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Towards a More Accurate GNSS Positioning – SuperSurv 10.1’s Support for RTCM 3.1

Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperSurv is one of the most outstanding mobile GIS apps that also has excellent GNSS positioning functionality. The latest SuperSurv 10.1 is equipped with 3 major new features, including snapping, coordinate system customization, Layerset, and […]

Supergeo Teams up with DataGNSS to Provide a Cost-effective RTK Solution

Supergeo is delighted to announce that the directors of DataGNSS, a professional GNSS RTK device manufacturer, have visited Supergeo’s Taipei Headquarters at the beginning of December 2017. In the meeting, Supergeo and DataGNSS have reached a consensus on the collaboration […]

Canadian Company Timbercraft Consultation Chooses SuperPad

The global GIS software provider, Supergeo Technologies Inc., is excited to announce that the Canadian consulting firm Timbercraft Consultation Inc. selects SuperPad to record spatial data. Specialized in geographic data collection, Timbercraft Consultation provides various professional services to both the […]