Malaysian Survey Consultants Jalal Johari Chooses SuperSurv as the Best Helper for Land Surveying

Supergeo is pleased to announce our new marketing achievement that Jalal Johari Consultants from Malaysia has recently adopted SuperSurv in high-precision, rugged tablet PC to help field workers collect spatial data in the air and on the ground. Jalal Johari […]

Geodezija 3D in Lithuania took SuperSurv as the Best Helper for Forest Survey

Supergeo is pleased to announce its good marketing news from Lithuania that Geodezija 3D has adopted Supersurv in high-precision, powerful Hi-Target QpadX5 to increase its efficiency of field data collection. Geodezija 3D is a land surveying firm specializing both in […]

Towards a More Accurate GNSS Positioning – SuperSurv 10.1’s Support for RTCM 3.1

Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperSurv is one of the most outstanding mobile GIS apps that also has excellent GNSS positioning functionality. The latest SuperSurv 10.1 is equipped with 3 major new features, including snapping, coordinate system customization, Layerset, and […]

Making a Giant Leap Toward Smart Irrigation with SuperGIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) is becoming extremely popular nowadays for its capability of solving problems in the domains like cadastre management, network analysis, location selection, spatial statistics, etc. to name just a few. Without a doubt, GIS has great potential […]

Supergeo Partners with Agricultural Engineering Research Center to Develop Irrigation Solution

Supergeo is excited to announce that Agricultural Engineering Research Center (AERC), the leading research institute in irrigation study, has collaborated with Supergeo to develop an irrigation solution based on SuperGIS software. The result of this collaboration is expected to be […]

SuperSurv 10.1 Supports New Raster Formats and Online Maps

As the information technology constantly evolves, the geospatial industry also grows fast. Currently, including many open source projects, numerous services are providing online maps to geospatial professionals. As professional and reliable mobile GIS software, SuperSurv 10 not only has abundant […]